Registration & Schedules

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Class Policy

  • Once registered, no refunds or transfers are allowed
  • Navrus has the right to cancel any class incase of insufficient enrollments in any session. 
  • Classes missed will not be made up, except those cancelled by the instructor. Instructors reserve the right to cancel a particular class or batch at their discretion
  • All new enrollments will register for the Beginner level class in the appropriate age group. Our instructors reserve the right to promote the students from one level to another. A student may often repeat the same level for two to three quarters before graduating to the next level
  • Students will require the written and/or verbal permission of their instructor if he or she would like to replicate in part or whole the exercise and/or dance routines learned in the dance class at other events
  • Instructors, class sizes, class levels, rules and regulations are subject to change without prior notice and all decisions made by our management will be final and binding
  • Students that perform in  dance recitals must have a costume for their dance number.  We will charge costume deposit before recital.
  • Students must inform the instructor about any past and/or current injuries/medical condition.

In the classroom


  • Class Duration is 60 minutes
  • It is very important to come on time for class.
  • Student and accompanying younger siblings  should not be left unattended in the lobby, restroom or hallway.
  • Students should carry a water bottle to class.  We work hard and need to hydrate.
  • Students should come to class in comfortable clothing that is easy to move in like workout/track pants and t-shirts. Denim clothing is discouraged . Hair should be neatly tied at the back.
  •  Please remind students to use the restroom before class. They would be given bathroom and water breaks at regular intervals during the class.
  • Parents are not allowed inside the  class while the dance lesson is going on.The  last 5 to 7 minutes of the class would be observation time, where parents can come in and see what the students have learned. The rest of the time parents are requested to wait in the waiting area. The exception is only for parents with very young kids.